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Tripwire gen 07


Lars Scherzberg (alto saxophone)
John Hughes (double bass)
Jeff Arnal (percussion

Special guests:
Dietrich Eichmann - piano (tracks 2,4,7)
Alberto Braida - piano (track 3)
Giancarlo Locatelli - clarinets (track 3)

Track Listing

1. Labor Sonor (Kule) - Berlin 11/5/01: trio (12:43)
2. Oaksmus Studio - Berlin 11/7/01: quartet (13:50)
3. Grundrib - Hamburg 10/31/01: quintet (11:45)
4. Oaksmus Studio - Berlin 11/7/01: quartet (4:48)
5. Oaksmus Studio - Berlin 11/7/01: trio (5:11)
6. Kulturhaus Mitte - Berlin 11/1/01: trio (6:42)
7. Oaksmus Studio - Berlin 11/7/01: quartet (4:46)
8. Bunker - Hamburg 10/28/01: trio (10:40)

Format: CD
Release date: 2002
Cover art: Mark Bouthilette / Design: David Ferris

Live concert and session recordings from Berlin & Hamburg Fall 2001
Recorded and compiled by Hughes & Scherzberg
Mastered by Ross Bonadonna at Wombat Recording Co., Brooklyn, NY

Despite the fact that John and Lars live in Hamburg and Jeff in NYC, Tripwire has managed to discover new sounds and a group language over a 10-year collective journey.  Their first concert was in 1999 at the Berlin Oakmus new music series (documented on om00818).  After 5 tours in Europe and the US, Tripwire has produced its 3rd CD entitled Looking in My Ear on the Portuguese label Creative Sources. Looking in My Ear was recorded at The Phenomorphonic Festival in Hamburg, Germany in November 2004.


• (2006) Looking in My Ear (CD) - Creative Sources
• (2002) Tripwire (CD) - Generate
• (2000) Top Floor Encounter (CD) - Oaksmus

Selected Press

"The trio builds impressive levels of intensity without resorting to volume. Each track is a cutting-edge free improv delight. Highly recommended." François Couture, All Music Guide

"Another deluxe improv seminar. It provides renewed emphasis on the talent of the three musicians and the adaptability of their music."  Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly

“A great mixture of reflective discussion and flurries of activity, dynamic, interesting and encompassing.” Squidco, NYC

Artist Bios

Lars Scherzberg (saxophones) studied classical guitar at the Hamburg Conservatory and the Hochschule für Künste, Bremen. During the study in Bremen he had the first contact with free improvised music and new music. That led him to a intensive dealing with the saxophone and worked on his own preparation technique. In about two years of training and projects with Wolfgang Fuchs. He lives in Hamburg as a freelance musician. Concerts in Germany, Europe and Overseas. Works with musicians in a field of free improvisation and new music together.

John Hughes (double bass) is an active member of the jazz and improvisation community in Hamburg, performing regularly both in Hamburg and in Germany. John has worked with numerous groups and projects, dancers, poets, artists and light technicians. In Nov. 2004, John curated the first, annual "Phenomorphonic" festival in the Christianskirche, Hamburg. This festival for experimental acoustic and electronic music brought together musicians from New York, Berlin, Switzerland, Italy, and Hamburg. Johns' current associations include the improv. groups, "Propele di Katsa" (B.Fuchsberger, J.Hochapfel, J.Hughes), the electro/acoustic trio Hughes/Scherzberg/Wiese and his duo collaborations with Italian pianist Alberto Braida and German saxophonist Lars Scherzberg. John also plays in "Rocket No.9" (C.Popple, M.Pfleiderer, J.Hughes), a jazz group which focuses on presenting the music of the great composers of the past, such as Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, Thelonious Monk, and others.

“Percussionist JEFF ARNAL’s balletic sense of time and imaginative deployment of colour have combined into a highly original concept." (The Wire) Arnal frequently performs and collaborates with a wide range of musicians and choreographers in the U.S. and Europe. Recent performances include: Ausland (Berlin), deSingel (Antwerp), German Nordwestradio (Bremen), Hallwalls (Buffalo NY), Music at the Anthology (NYC) & Music Gallery (Toronto). He has received grants and fellowships from ASCAP, Brooklyn Arts Council, Meet the Composer and Art Omi International. His music can be heard on a number of independent record labels, including Transit (Clean Feed 2009 & 2005), Dog Day with Aaron Dugan (C3R 2007), Rogue States with Gordon Beeferman (Generate 2006), MEJA with Michael Evans (C3R 2006) and with Dietrich Eichmann (Broken Research 2007 & Leo 2004). Arnal holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Music Composition and Filmmaking from the University of Maryland and an MFA in Music from Bennington College.

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