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Propele Di Katsa gen 08


Barbara Fuchsberger (clarinets)
Joerg Hochapfel (piano)
John Hughes (double bass)

Track Listing

1. Straak (Karmesin)
2. Spline
3. Kissoid
4. Spat (Karmesin)
5. Epiped
6. Straak (Azur)
7. Quadrik
8. Lemniskate
9. Spat (Orange)

Limited Edition CDr released in September 2003
Recorded January - February 2003, Hamburg, Germany

* sold out

Propele di katsa was founded in summer 2002 and based on frequent work towards developing a collective music out of the individual intentions of the trio. The efforts of this process and the concentration of the group creates a highly personal result. The contribution of each artist covers a wide spectrum and musical mix of knowledge and emotion adding to the many dimensions of this music. Working with this collective approach, Propele di katsa breaks out of the cliché and routine of musical habit, creating a fragile music on a risky tightrope. Rocking between harmonies of melody, and rhythm towards the edge of noise.

Artist Bios

Barbara Fuchsberger (Bb clarinet, Eb alto clarinet) plays clarinet since the age of 8. background in brass bands and classical music. "free" improvisation workshop with harald kimmig in freiburg/germany. studies clarinet and music therapy in hamburg/germany. member of the weird improvisation & rock band "hunger" from 1997-2001. chamber music projects.

Jörg Hochapfel (piano) 10 long years of classical piano lessons. also some years of violin. private composition studies. "free" improvisation workshop with harald kimmig in freiburg/germany. studies jazz piano with dieter glawischnig and musicology and philosophy in hamburg. founder member of the weird (etc.) band "hunger" in 1996, still active (look at www.hungermusik.de). plays in too many bands, everything from punk rock ("scheiss bronson") to bigband jazz to improvised music (among others with saxophonist martin pfleiderer). plays his own jazz compositions with the "capri di rote quintett".

John Hughes (double bass) is an active member of the jazz and improvisation community in Hamburg, performing regularly both in Hamburg and in Germany. John has worked with numerous groups and projects, dancers, poets, artists and light technicians. In Nov. 2004, John curated the first, annual "Phenomorphonic" festival in the Christianskirche, Hamburg. This festival for experimental acoustic and electronic music brought together musicians from New York, Berlin, Switzerland, Italy, and Hamburg. Johns' current associations include the improv. groups, "Propele di Katsa" (B.Fuchsberger, J.Hochapfel, J.Hughes), the electro/acoustic trio Hughes/Scherzberg/Wiese and his duo collaborations with Italian pianist Alberto Braida and German saxophonist Lars Scherzberg. John also plays in "Rocket No.9" (C.Popple, M.Pfleiderer, J.Hughes), a jazz group which focuses on presenting the music of the great composers of the past, such as Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, Thelonious Monk, and others.

For more info please contact: Johnhughes [at] gmx [dot] net