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Aperiodic gen 16


Kevin Parrett (guitar)
Benjamin Perkins (bass, multi-instruments)
Matthias Schulz (percussion)

Track listing

Side A:
Air Below Mountains

Side B:

Format: 7" Record - 33 rpm
Released: 2009
Recorded 2001-2009 in Nürburg, Dayton, Chicago, Brooklyn, NY

Aperiodic is Kevin Parrett (guitar, voice, samples, piano), Ben Perkins (upright bass, gu qin, rudra veena, surbahar, transients), and Matt Schulz (drums, etc). It began in southern Ohio in 1997 as 3 friends gradually abandoning song structure in favor of group improvisation- using feedback and freedom as the tools for re-configuring the ideas set forth by the noise rock underground and avant-garde music of the 50's and 60's. AmRep meets Impulse! After a year's worth of gigs and a cassette release, the 3 split town to pursue other activities- Ben moved to Chicago and began the Exponential and Matt moved to NYC to play with Enon, while Kevin remained in Dayton to study. They continued to collaborate via mail and the internet, the fruits of which can be heard on their Generate Records 7", which marked their return to playing live together (after 11 year s) in late 2009. Aperiodic's first full length LP, "Future Feedback", is due out later this year.

Selected Press

"There is the fire and brimstone of Aperiodic, a trio including guitarist Kevin Parrett, bassist Benjamin Perkins and drummer Matthias Schultz. Their "Air Below Mountains" eschews the Cecil Taylor homage implied by the title, falling somewhere just outside of '60s AMM influence, taking a page or two from Throbbing Gristle's book of delicately distorted textures." Marc Medwin, All About Jazz - New York

"Aperiodic, a curious troupe that spit sitar-like synth trills and proggy percussion" Stacey Anderson, Village Voice

"This is somber yet noisy & controlled free electric guitar, bass and drums trio. If I didn't know what the instrumentation was, I would have a difficult time telling. I dig the way the sounds flow together, almost industrial sounding. After seeing someone like Fred Frith or Keith Rowe play live, I do have some idea how many of these sounds are created. The bass player is very minimal and plays no real bass lines as such. The guitarist often sounds like he is tapping or rubbing his strings with thin pieces of metal. In the middle of the second side, the trio erupts into a more demented and noisy section which is most effective like ghosts screaming." Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"...a noisy bunch. Noise improvisation, with the drum kit in perpetual motion and extremely treated guitars. That said, it may be noisy but it's not threatening, and well controled. I like. On blue vinyl." François Couture, Monsieur Délire

"On Air above Mountains, Aperiodic - Ben Perkins (bass), Kevin Parrett (guitar) and Matt Schulz (piano and percussion) work with dovetailing continuums of fastidiously worked-through noise. On the B side, gaps appear in the textures, which Perkins overlays with nervy, fleeting solo bass patterns." Philip Clark, the Wire

"..fine exponents of a modern type of instrumental apocalypse, playing their instruments as if the news had just broke that the world is exploding within ten minutes. "Air Below Mountains" clangs, zings and sputters, underlined as it is by a massive wall of rumbling harmonic incomprehensibility barely disturbed by string sliding, extreme picking and scattered percussive convulsions. "Louder" — strangely enough given its title — starts as a more rarefied piece, echoes of industrial areas mixing with visions of mean-intentioned, transgendered minimalism whose burnt tissue exhales toxic fumes that no depurator will ever be able to dissolve. Then the true bombardment begins and it's a particularly suggestive one, replete with harsh feedback and ominous glissandos. Do these guys still believe that there is a future? I don't, either. Great stuff." Massimo Ricci, The Squid's Ear