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Silver Ash gen 17

"What if Sonic Youth wanted to sound like This Heat taming a hive of bees?" Bill Meyer, Still Single


Aaron Dugan (guitar)
Casey Block (electronics)
Jeff Arnal (percussion)

Track Listing

Side A:
Deathless (5:39)

Side B:
Lifeboat (4:56)

Format: 7" Record - 33 RPM
Release date: 2011
Recorded by Seth Misterka
Newsonic Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Cover art: James Merchant

Silver Ash - live on WFMU

Selected Press

"Silver Ash tossed two kinetic and utterly fearless songs onto this tiny slab.. Strikingly awesome." Jon Worley, A&A

"Propulsive, but abstract and really quite dithery. I like." Byron Coley, The Wire

"You can almost smell the opium and see the haze; the jam continues to unwind in slow motion. There is no grand gesture, but a fluid ride through orbit." Derek Morton, Furthernoise

"The B side "Lifeboat" keeps the edgy intensity in full force as a droning swarm of electronic noise threatens to strike at any moment. There is a beauty in hanging on for dear life.." R.A.D Vinyl

All About Jazz (December, 2011) by Glenn Astarita

Squid's Ear (November, 2011) by Marc Medwin


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